The Sanke Koi

The Stunning Sanke KoiThe Sanke is a quintessential Koi and one member of the big three of the Go Sanke Koi varietals (Kohaku and Showa being the other two). It is most often confused with a Showa, as the Sanke is traditionally assumed to be a white Koi, with black (sumi) and and red (hi) markings, whereas a Showa is a black Koi with white (shiroji) and red (hi) markings.

One of the tricks in telling these two apart is that a Sanke has no black (sumi) in it’s pectoral fins or on it’s head, whereas a Showa (ideally) does.

In the specimen photo below we can see that this Sanke has beautiful markings, with the much prized crisp clean lines. Although this Koi still has some way to go it’s potential is there for all to see and admire.
If you are going to keep Go Sanke varietals making room in your pond for a stunning Sanke is almost a pre-requisite. Looking at this example is an indication of just why.

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