Welcome to the Japanese Koi Fish website.

A hungry fish waiting for its foodThis site has as it’s primary aim to bring you information about Japanese Koi fish varieties. This is a site that explains how and why Koi are valued both in monetary terms and in appreciation aspects. It serves as a beginning for novices and as a service for experienced Koi keepers.

Note that this is not a site about how to keep Koi, but how to keep them happy! This is a site about the mystery and allure that is Nishikigoi (a big word that essentially simply means Koi).

It is our hope that you will find this site useful as you try and decipher the art of Japanese Koi fish – what the different fish varieties there are, and what makes one fish especially desirable over another.

Believe it or not, the more colors, or the brighter the colors on a these fish are not necessarily an indication of quality. There is substantially more to the art of identifying a Koi with value than it’s pattern, although pattern is of course one of the more important aspects and as we will see, it’s the WAY the pattern is defined that is all important to a judge.

Our views on Koi keeping are simple. It’s is a hobby that should be enjoyed. Yes, we all know that it is very rewarding to enter a show and win a prize with your Koi but we also take the view that Koi should be treated with the same respect all life should be treated with. We are far happier seeing a Koi go to a home where it will be loved, cared for and turned into a champion, in it’s owners eyes if for no-one else.

It is Koi such as these, whether they be ‘pond fish’ or Supreme Grand Champions, are the real deal for us. We know that ultimately it is YOU that is deriving the pleasure of the hobby. It is you that can sit back next to your pond and simply enjoy your stunning fish. That’s what for us, is the pleasure of Koi keeping.

A beautiful pond

That said, you will not find Koi from us that are not top quality Japanese fish. We believe in raising the standards of the hobby and doing so in a manner that suits all tastes and budgets. Some of our Koi will turn out to be nothing more than ‘nice pond fish’. We know that. We accept that this is part of the challenge of the hobby – the element of uncertainty on how a fish is going to develop is part of the attraction.

The other side of the hobby lies in giving a fish it’s best possible opportunity to develop into it’s potential. That is what Happy Koi is about. This site is not about that – it is about selecting a baby Koi from a one year old fish (tosai) that cost tuppence and watching it grow into the National Champion as one of our customers has done. Another great resource is the Koi Fish website.

All your input and feedback is truly valued.